Costa Mesa Elementary School

Costa Mesa Elementary School

The International Montessori Academy of Costa Mesa K-6th Program is designed to meet the needs of each individual child in a way that is faithful to Dr. Maria Montessori’s insights and is consistent with the expectations of the California State Standards.

Students educated at our academy are always eager to take on new challenges. The classroom setting is ideal for creating self-starting, self-motivated students. The environment is one that promotes independence, mastery, purpose, responsibility, and respect. Students develop competence through self-will, self-direction, and self-discipline. This competence is not from an over confidence, but rather from an excitement to apply what is already learned to what isn’t yet learned. This competence becomes significant when the students are ready to graduate and go on to a more traditional school.

Mathematics, reading, language arts, science, social studies, cultural arts and music are the major subject areas of study.   The elementary curriculum is well rounded mixing developmental skills, research and creativity with an understanding of our world.

From the very beginning, students learn to build and identify for themselves while developing close, respectful, and meaningful relationships with other students and adults. Teachers model this behavior and guide students to be thoughtful of the needs of others. Since they are part of a three-year cycle in a mixed-age setting, students get to know and help each other over several years and learn to work through difficult times with their friends and peers. This sets the stage for a better understanding of the larger world and a desire to help others as they grow past adolescence.

At International Montessori Academy of Costa Mesa, we believe that music plays an important part on brain development in the areas of language and reasoning, so violin lessons are part of our curriculum.

Students who have completed the elementary program at International Montessori Academy of Costa Mesa will have developed competence in both the social and cognitive areas.  The student will have experienced firsthand the value of working cooperatively in a community where there is trust.  They will have learned that one may use both concrete information and one’s own imagination to explore the world, while understanding the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own work and creating a personal code of morals.

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