Costa Mesa Primary: Message From The Director

Costa Mesa Primary: Message From The Director

To say that you have come to the best Montessori in Costa Mesa is an understatement. The faculty and I at International Montessori Academy of Costa Mesa, provide families with a safe and nurturing place for children. The children work in a "prepared environment" which facilitates maximum independent learning and exploration while learning good values and morals in a distinctly loving and nurturing environment.

As the director of this school, I am committed to provide each student enrolled with the care and education that resonates excellence. Our school’s commitment, undivided attention, and love for each student will be an example for generations to come.

In our world today, as well as in the world of tomorrow, students are in need of training that will help them not only succeed, but impact the world with caring citizens. If you are searching for a Christian school that will provide each student with excellent opportunities, a foundation that is set on good morals, and an atmosphere of love and encouragement, you have come to the right place!

Warm regards,
Maria Teel

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