Orange Primary School: Academy Testimonials

Orange Primary School: Academy Testimonials

Our parents are the sweetest...

Thank you for all you have done for our son. We definitely saw a marked improvement at ICMA since you came. We wish you all the best. The Teran Family.

Thank you for always being so nice to me. Love, Nick. (Student)

Thank you so much for running such an amazing school! Abraham wakes up super excited to go to school!    Love, Patricia.

Thank you for welcoming Riley to your school. We feel very blessed to be here at IMA. Also, we are very grateful for all your thoughts and prayers. God Bless! Love Johnny and Robin Kang.

Thank you for another great year at IMA and all that you do for the children. Gavin has learned and grown so much in his 3 yrs here. You and all of your staff have made a positive impact on his future. He will have many fond memories. Love, Martinez Family.

We love having you as the director at IMA and your love and leadership is a blessing from the lord! God Bless you! The Mora Family.

I am thankful for having such a caring director looking over me and my class. I enjoy going to school because of you. Love, Ethan.

Thank you so much for your caring and patience. God couldn’t have chosen a more wonderful person to do the amazing job you’re doing with our kids. May God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Adrian & Rebecca Pop.

Thank you for helping my child Thomas for being a good student. Wishing you all the best, Derick and Kay Tran.

We want to thank you ever so much for all you have done for the Gray family! Your positive spirit is a delight to see each day. You are so full of personal strength it certainly helps keep our little world in perspective and reminds us to count our blessings each day. Love, The Gray Family. 

"If you are looking for a school that cares for the whole child beyond excellent academics, please consider IMA.  My son was previously enrolled at a well  known Montessori school, and although doing well academically, the joy of childhood was being drained away daily.  He did not like going to school and I felt guilty every time I left him there.  At IMA, he
sings, does Yoga, Spanish, Art and is allowed to enjoy being a child in a supported and loving atmosphere. 
-Devan-parent of kindergartener
"ICMA is my daughter's 'home away from home,' The teachers provide the perfect balance between compassion and learning. They have a passion to teach the children and it is well illustrated through my daughter's happiness. Everyday is a new adventure for her and she always comes home in the best of moods. [The staff] are committed to excellence and this is constantly portrayed through their kind demeanor. The children are encourage to be the best that they can be and this is well demonstrated through the beautiful works of all the students. There isn't a day that goes by where she doesn't talk about her 'friends at school'. I want to personally thank the entire staff at IMA for the continued love that they show my daughter. I appreciate YOU."  -Shelley Walters (December 09,2014)

"My oldest son has been attending IMA Orange since he was 6 months old. He is now 5 and in the Upper Elementary with Miss Lucy and our youngest is now 2 and in class with Miss Maneet. We love this school and all of the teachers/caregivers and assistants. We can imagine our boys anywhere else! -Sheree Flournoy-Johnson

"My son started at IMA Orange when he was 19 months old in the toddler class. The transition from being at home to full-day care was difficult for him. The teacher at IMA soothed his sadness while slowly and gently encouraged him to interact with others until he was comfortable in his new environment. Through potty training and pre-school the teachers at IMA took each transition at his pace and patiently worked with him encouraging his independence all along the way. Academically the concepts have been introduced through Montessori materials which make learning fun while also effective. Now that he is in the elementary class ( Pre-K/Transitional-K), he is thriving. He enjoys doing challenging work and doesn’t want to leave school. My husband and I are so grateful to all IMA staff for the care they have given him. It is a great feeling to know that our child is safe, happy , and learning while we are at work each day." Thank you -Mike & Jackie Rogers

"IMA of Orange provides excellent care and training of our child. We continue to be impressed with the level of both traditional education and the teaching of skills for socializing and understand the world around him. The teachers allow and encourage a high level of individualism and independence in learning, and the result is a high level of self-confidence and ability to problem solve. I am eternal grateful for this school that provides a span of education and social interactions that I could never have provided myself." -Birgitte Jacky, mother of 3 year old Oliver, November 2014.

"It is most comforting to know that my daughter couldn’t be at a better school." -Mary Noguera

"Our son [David] began attending IMA-Orange in Spring 2010 when he was only 9 months old. Being that he was our first child, I was extremely nervous to have anyone watch him while my husband and I worked full-time. That fear quickly disappeared! IMA-Orange is a home away from home. The staff is extremely loving. I never worry about my son's safety or well-being. In fact, now at 5 years old, he begs to stay "more minutes" when I arrive to pick him up. I cannot wait for our younger son to attend in the Spring 2015. The best way I can describe the teachers at ICMA-Orange is they're more than educators, comforters, role models, boo-boo healers- they have become family. I often joke that my husband and I are going to continue to have kids just so we will never leave IMA-Orange. They're hands down THE best!" -Maria Juroe

"In today’s public education it is safe to say anything and almost everything goes. It is nice to know at the International  Montessori Academy (IMA) that children are taught  values and norms in which our great country was founded upon. In addition, IMA provides a self-paced, holistic, and divergent Montessori education which spring loads students 1-2 grade levels ahead of their public school peers. This early foundation gives parents piece of mind and gives the children fuel and direction for life’s future endeavors. -Mark & Stacy Adkins 

"My children have been attending International Montessori for
three years.This school has such a nurturing environment... ... Both of my children have had 
Ms. Maneet as their teacher and she is a saint. She is so caring and she helps parents

"This school knows how to move the child's development in a supportive, caring way. I am an
administrator in the public school system and I am very impressed with my
children's academic progress. This school a great size, loving environment
and academically focused." 
-Deanna Parks (January 05, 2015)

 "Thank you so much for helping Sophie - Such a Great School! Her speech and behavior improved so much. Thank you for all your help." -Ana Barajas (March 2015)