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"Education From The Inside Out"

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere of learning that is LOVING emotionally, physically and spiritually SAFE. It CREATES a living and unique Montessori environment, where children learn through "doing." It INSTILLS, tolerance, thoughtfulness, consideration, responsibility and celebrating differences in others... More »

 The Montessori Method

...was developed in the 1900s by Maria Montessori. In Italy, Dr. Montessori's orientation was that of a scientist, mathematician and physician rather than a traditional educator. More »

Our Montessori Educators

...are highly qualified, experienced, innovative and creative teachers... Our teachers emphasize moral instruction, tolerance and kindness to all children... More »

A Few Student Achievements

Congratulations to the winners of the 25th Annual John Wayne Airport Student Art Contest “Exploring Orange County’s Story”

Take a closer look...