Orange, school site: Message From The Director/Administrator

Orange, school site: Message From The Director/Administrator


Thank you for your interest in International Montessori Academy -

Our Montessori Academy recognizes the potential of the young child and his/her desire to learn and to nurture curiosity. It is a privilege to share theses precious years of learning experiences with you and the families we serve. We believe in the whole child and implement Montessori methods, as taught and believed by Dr. Maria Montessori. We are grateful that you have allowed us this opportunity to share our school and this time together.

Our academy accepts children from 18 months ~ 6 years of age, which will benefit from participating in the Montessori environment. It’s our hope that we may provide education to your child while you ease your mind and go about your day with confidence. We offer each child a safe and nurturing environment, which allows him/her opportunities for learning skills, socializing and problem solving. We direct children to support the whole child- socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually with extended activities, and or enrichment opportunities. We strive to provide quality care and supervision, while providing exceptional early childhood education and elementary programs implementing and supporting Montessori methods.

Enrollment is open on a space available basis any time in the year. Placement in the academy is considered for all ambulatory children without regard to sex, race, color, creed or national origin. We are *open 12 months a year, Monday through Friday - 7am to 6pm. *School calendars reflect special events, hours of operation and school closed holidays. The “academic year” begins in September, ending in June. Educational and fun “Summer Camps” are available in the months of July and August, for all ages.   Monthly and weekly enrollment options are available in the Summer. Please ask for more information about enrollment opportunities – “Pre-Registration” is always recommended to reserve a space and ensure peace of mind. The Pre- Registration deposit may provide peace of mind, by allowing you to have a space held for up to 6 months before commiting to a start date and enrollment selection. You are encouraged to act swifty and reserve a space today. ALL FEES ARE NON_REFUNDABLE and due in advance. 

My experience in working as a Mentor/ Teacher/ Trainer / Business owner / Administrator is broad - with over 30 years of opportunity and great privilage. Multi site management of school districts like Capastrano, Romoland, Tustin and Santa Ana, in addition to building and maintaining; for profit and non-profit child care centers in cooperation with corporations, County and State regulatory agencies... to mention a few. I enjoy fellowship by working, playing and relaxing with many different types of family and friends! I'm active with groups that develop and support children and families while protecting and perserving our community. Currently - I am living to foster the Montessori teacher who is closest to the child and family! He/she, is one of a guide and observer, whose ultimate goal is to intervene less as the child develops. The teacher builds an atmosphere of calm, order and joy in the classroom. We encourage each child and the group in all their effort, thus promoting self confidence and self discipline. The Montessori approach offers a broad vision of education as an aid to life. This method succeeds because it draws principles form the natural development of the child, enhancing opportunities for development of independance and  critical thinking skills. The Montessori teacher has accomplished rigorous special training, in addition to meeting and exceeding local licensing educational requirements. All staff work together to actively cultivate the children’s adaptation and ability to express and think with clarity: Practical Life- exercises instill care for self, for others and for the environment. Language development- is vital to human development. Geography, Biology, Botany, Zoology,  Art and Music- are presented as expansions of the sensorial and language activities. We seek to listen, ask and work together with eachother, children and parents, with the best interest of children in mind at all times!

I look forward to the possibility of serving you and your child (ren), in the future!   Please come by for a tour today...                                  

With sincere appreciation,  

Collene Jacobson - Holmstrom  

1539 East Mayfair Ave.

Orange CA. 92867

Office:(714) 997-8242  

Cell:(714) 943-3866

Fax:(714) 997-1966