Newport Beach Primary: Testimonials

Newport Beach Primary: Testimonials

Don't Take Our Word for It...See What Our Parents Are Saying!

Dear Ms. Shirani, 

I do not even know where to begin as there is so much to be thankful for!  When I brought our oldest daughter Reese to your school at just 18 months back in 2006, who would have known the amazing difference you and your loving, passionate teachers were going to make in our family’s life.  Reese loved attending school, loved all of the teachers, the structure, the curriculum, the school events, the plays, the music – it is because of this solid base that was instilled at a young age that she still loves school today and thrives.  She had such a loving relationship with each and every one of you that it was like family.  Our second daughter Caden also started ICMA at 18 months and through the nurturing and warm safe environment you all provide, she has excelled beyond our wildest dreams.  ICMA also wraps its arms around the parents and families by being understanding, compassionate and flexible.  As parents, we all became friends as we watched our children grow up together.  My best friends today are all ladies I met while my daughters attended ICMA!  Reese still loves to come back during camps and assist the teachers as she misses everyone.

 We love you and your staff!  Thank you for everything you have done for our girls and your love and grace will forever be a part of who they are and who they ultimately become. 


 The Rasmussen Family

(Kimberly, Matthew, Reese and Caden)

"Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful environment for our children to learn and grow. Ella has learned so much in her time with you. We are very proud of all that she has accomplished. We are so grateful for the dedication, kindness, and guidance that you and your staff provide to all of your students. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for all that you do."

With appreciation and gratuitude,
-Ella and The Munzell Family

"Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher for Lucas. You also do a fantastic job as a Director of ICMA. We could have not asked for a better school to prepare Lucas and Jacob for life. We will miss you, the teachers, and ICMA."

Thank you,
-The Gretler Family

"This is a wonderful opportunity to share and be grateful to God that we have people like you in our lives.

You irradiate innumerable virtues such as caring, positivism, patience, understanding among others, and for that we are very lucky to have you. You are a great asset to the school. Thank you for making possible many of the accomplishments that our daughter have had throughout these years, and for making the school a such a fun place to be and learn. You are always in our prayers."

-The Games Family

"We don’t know how to thank you enough for everything you have done for Nana. Nana really enjoyed the school very much. Nana loves the school and we were really fortunate to choose this school. We will be going home with many wonderful memories of America. I hope to see you again sometime."

Thank you again!

-Tomo & Yukiko Takeshita

"We appreciate you so much! Thank you for taking such good care of our precious Mia Bella Dear Ms. Bhavna, Thank you for being a wonderful & great teacher to Alexia. She has learned so much from your class. She will definitely miss you over break."

Take care,
-The Renella Family

"Thank you so much for your loving, caring ways. Both of my boys have blossomed because of it. We love you and pray that your holidays are blessed! Please enjoy the sweets that Asa & Josiah helped to make!"

-The Williams Family

"Thank you with all of our hearts. We are so grateful."

-Alec and Chloe Yap and Family

"You are a terrific asset to the school. Thanks so much for everything! The Hogans Ms. Shirani – I love ICMA, and that has everything to do with you and the beautiful teachers you hire. I truly appreciate the guidance you give me with my children, and the genuine love & care you give them. Thank you for another wonderful year. Enjoy these Jana Alayra music treats with the school – she is great!"

God Bless You!
-Theresa Rivas

"Thank you for everything you have done for Pete since we have started! We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the kids. We are looking forward to a fun-filled summer at CMA!"

Warm Regards,
-Greg, Angela & Pete York

"Thank you for everything you did to make Mitchell’s first school experience really special. We really appreciate your patience, willingness to get to know our son, and your flexibility with schedules. We will miss Christian Montessori! Thank you again for everything."

-Mitchell, Juliet & Eric

"Thank you so much for accommodating Gavin & Hayden at school on Tuesday during our hectic situation with our new home. We are finally settled – thank God. I truly appreciate your understanding and flexibility. I am so blessed to have the boys in the care of you and their loving teachers, it brings me great peace to have them in such a nurturing environment."

Thank you!
God Bless,

-Theresa Rivas

"Thank you for all you have done to help Sarah love school. She has enjoyed being in your class!"

Thank you again,
-Sarah’s Parents

"We wanted to thank you so much for all the kindness and love that Makayla has received over the past years. We are truly blessed to have found you and your school and will truly miss everyone! Makayla has grown so much and we thank you for that!"

-Ryan & Amanda Hasse

"Thank you for watching over me even when I tell you NO! all the time. My mommy & daddy are very happy with my care at Montessori. Have a great July – see you in August."

-Seth Dominguez