Las Vegas Primary-Elementary School

Las Vegas Primary-Elementary School


Welcome to International Montessori Academy.

IMA offers not only a distinctive challenging learning environment to all of our students, from toddler through elementary children, ages 18 monthsthrough 12 years, but does so with an outstanding Montessori educational approach. Each classroom has its own unique style while keeping the traditional Montessori teaching philosophy. Our school is surrounded by unique desert life and located on a beautiful Mesa. It was established in 2004 and has served the Las Vegas area for 10 years.

We offer a warm family environment with fully qualified Montessori certified teachers. In this environment the children flourish as they learn through using all their senses at their own individual pace. It is our goal to provide families with a Montessori education that observes the special gifts of the child, develops affection for learning, and prepares them for academic excellence.

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We are convinced that every child can achieve great things. Our program is designed to meet the children’s needs and abilities. We are committed to the Montessori principles of multi-age classrooms in a prepared environment, uninterrupted work time, and an integrated curriculum.  We believe that a Montessori education in all its fullness uniquely prepares children for the world.

We promote Montessori certification and continuing education for our staff and are proud of the experienced professionals entrusted to guide each child in our programs. Our faculty creates a special environment based on respect and love for the child. Each staff member is carefully chosen for her skill, education, professionalism, and of course, kindness. All staff members are certified Montessori teachers and our assistant teachers are in the process of completing their Montessori certification training.

We invite you to explore our website, visit our school, and meet the children, staff and families who continue to grow together in both spirit and intellect.

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